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Author of ongoing lecture series 'Are Life Models Artists?' which appeared at The National Gallery, Mall Galleries and HSoA in 2019 and which currently features within the RCA Drawing online research portal (2020 version viewable below). Co-author with Dr. Aurélie Debaene of 'Model and Artist in one body', a chapter within Charleston Press No. 4 (commissioned by The Charleston Trust, 2020). Co-curator of 2022 British Society of Aesthetics funded symposium 'Revaluing the Life Model in Art Practice' with Debaene at the Aesthetics Research Centre, University of Kent and keynote speaker. Contributing author, Aesthetic Investigations ('Are Life Models Artists?', article, Volume VII (issue 1), December 2023: Models and Sitters: The Art and Aesthetics of Posing).

Contributing Writer:  The Charleston Press, Aesthetica Magazine, Art for All Magazine.

Lectured at:  The National Gallery, Royal College of Art, Mall Galleries, Hampstead School of Art.


Next lectures:

'Are Life Models Artists?', RCA Drawing lecture, 23 February 2022.

'Revaluing the Life Model in Art Practice' at the University of Kent's Aesthetics Research Centre, 7 May 2022.








I use my body as my medium to draw in spaceThe ephemeral, hieroglyphic forms I create emerge spontaneously in solitude.  They are direct emotional responses to the environments I locate myself within, internal dialogues and to my body itself; a kind of self-portraiture.  Captured photographically and videographically, they transform into permanent records of time and space.  I also create site specific, live performances grounded in my body.    

Exhibited at:

Royal College of Art (live performance commissioned by RCA Drawing), 2019

Royal Academy of Arts Staff Summer Show (photographic self portraits), 2019

Pitzhanger Manor (untitled live performance, Anish Kapoor at Pitzhanger), 2019

London Drawing, Experimental Forms, 2019

Royal Society of Sculptors, Signals (live performance art installation), 2018

Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art, 2018

Artist in Residence: The Crypt Gallery, London, September, 2021


US installations 2022  


Author of book 'Travelling the Great Circle', an exploration of psychedelic rock band Ozric Tentacles (published by Kscope Music, January 2022 and now available via Barnes and Noble, Rough Trade Music, KScope and Burning Shed). Author of 'Arborescent', due for publication by Kscope Music in May/June 2022.  Liner notes for various major album releases upcoming in 2022/3.  I am retained by KScope Music as a marketing consultant and writer, writing copy for album and boxset campaigns across all social media platforms and press releases for Ozric Tentacles album and EP releases.  


Natural habitat:  The Royal Academy's Life Room

I have worked regularly as a life and portrait model for several years at the Royal Academy within courses focusing on anatomical drawing, expressive portraiture, digital drawing and renaissance art, I also work regularly within the Friends and Academicians Life Drawing group and within drawing courses delivered by RA Schools in conjunction with Apple, Burberry and the Henry Moore Foundation.  In addition I  have modelled within private events for RA Patrons and Trustees, and for the attRAct programme.   I am featured within two Royal Academy publications:  'Artists Working From Life', which accompanied the RA's 2018 exhibition of the same name, and 'A Little History of the Royal Academy'.  In 2019, I was the first life model in the RA's history to be awarded with a staff pass due to my having become the most frequently requested model over the last several years across each department.  Following a pause due to the pandemic, I will return to the RA in late September 2021.  


I specialise in creating complex, dynamic gestural forms that are interesting to draw, paint, photograph and sculpt.  Included among the people I have worked with are Eileen Cooper (RA), Cathie Pilkington (RA), Maggi Hambling, David Caldwell (RP), Sam Dalby (RP), Robin Lee-Hall (PPRP), Alastair Adams (PPRP), JJ Delvine, Adele Wagstaff & Andrew James (RP).