During 2018/19 I began exploring the use of video to permanently record the ephemeral forms I create in response to the natural environments I locate myself within, from suburban gardens to forests.  From the Earth emerged spontaneously in solitude and represents the innate, elemental connection that I feel to nature.  Sundial was the fourth in a series of abstract, improvised forms that unfolded during the summer of 2019.  Although at the time when I created it I had no preconceived notions about what I hoped to create, on reflecting afterwards I realised that my moving form evoked the passing of time.  The interaction of light and shade suggested the Sundial, and the butterfly flying overhead came to represent the second hand on a clock or watch.  I used an old iPhone 6 to film myself rather than a higher resolution camera; rendered in low-res the images assume an ethereal quality. 

From the Earth, © Dominic Blake 2018

Sundial, © Dominic Blake 2019