Update, June 2021:  I am gradually uploading some of the articles and essays I have written to my Medium profile

Aesthetica Magazine: 


Contributing writer, July 2021.

Charleston Press No. 4:  Nina Hamnett and Lisa Brice 

Essay:  'Model and Artist in one body'; co-authored with Aurélie Debaene within Charleston Press No. 4, a journal inspired by the 2021 Charleston exhibitions Nina Hamnett and Lisa Brice. Commissioned by The Charleston Trust.

Art for All Magazine:

'Photographic performance art in the digital age', article due for publication in Los Angeles based AfA's Summer Edition 2021.

Book | Symposium 


Following an initial research stage, Aurélie and I commenced work on a book that will be published at the end of 2022 and stocked in The Mall Galleries and The National Gallery Bookshops.  Our book, 'Revaluing the Life Model in Art Practice', will be published in tandem with a symposium sharing the same title that we are co-curators of at the University of Kent's Aesthetics Research Centre.  Our successful application to the British Society of Aesthetics was awarded the maximum level of funding in 2019.  Prominent members of the academic and art communities will participate through panel discussions and lectures including Jo BaringProfessor Anita TaylorProfessor Jean Wainwright and JJ Delvine.  I will be one of the keynote speakers and sit on the panel with Aurélie Debaene, (Aurélie will also be a keynote speaker).  Further details to follow.

Lecture series

In 2017 I conceived a lecture series, 'Are Life Models Artists?', the first of which I delivered at Mall Galleries, London in 2019 and then at venues including Hampstead School of Art and The National Gallery.  Examining Life Modelling through art historical and experiential perspectives I discuss the existential realms within which the practice exists.  While not claiming in an absolute sense that Life Modelling is an artistic practice, I advocate a more enlightened perspective proposing that it might be given particular motivations on the part of the practitioner and given particular contexts.  My first lectures all sold out.  I will continue delivering 'Are Life Models Artists?' throughout 2021, my next lecture due to take place online via the RCA Drawing academic research portal in January.  You can view a mini-version of my lecture, recorded in December 2020, here.  

In preparation for my lectures I interviewed the Directors of several major galleries, museums and private collections, practicing artists, Life Models and curators to gain their insight into the question I posed.  Included within the group of interviewees was Christopher Le Brun, Past President, Royal Academy of Arts; Simon Martin, Director, Pallant House Gallery; Jo Baring, Director, The Ingram Collection; Lara Wardle, Director Curator, The Jerwood Collection; Gill Saunders, Senior Curator, V&A Department of Word and Image; JJ Delvine, Artist (BP Portrait Award 2018, 2011, 2006); Desmond Healy, Artist and Fine Art Tutor; John Close, Artist and Fine Art Tutor; Suzon Lagarde, Portrait Artist and Life Model; Robin George, Life Model.  ​

Music writing 

In parallel with but distinct from my literary work relating to art practice, I am currently retained on a freelance basis by a major record label as a writer and marketing / publicity assistant.

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